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Caravan for Democracy (CFD) was created in January 2002 by Ronald S. Lauder and Jay Schottenstein. 

CFD continues to provide outstanding speakers on college campuses throughout the United States speaking in support of Israel.  These 110 compelling speakers have made an impact reaching 120,000 students, faculty and community members.


Positively Israel sends expert speakers and celebrities to college campuses to present how Israel is making the world a better place. Through on-campus programming, students gain an appreciation for innovations that Israel is contributing to the planet, thus fortifying them with positive facts about this small desert nation.

The goal of a CFD Positively Israel campus tour is to reach beyond the Jewish and pro-Israel base. Past visits have included interviews with student newspapers, guest lectures in the classroom, private events with sororities, fraternities, (diverse groups) African-American and women’s groups.


Career Coaching

Mid Career Consultations

Conflict Resolution

Career Transitions

2017 Campuses Visited:

University of Maryland, College Park                                                      Florida Atlantic University

University of Maryland - Law School                                                        Florida International University

Bryn Mawr College                                                                                         University of Colorado

University of Pennsylvania                                                                          Cal Polytech State University

Temple University                                                                                           UCLA

New York University                                                                                       San Jose State University

Queens College                                                                                                Stanford University

Columbia University                                                                                       University of California, Davis

Yale University                                                                                                 University of California, Berkeley

Harvard University                                                                                          University of Washington

Brown University                                                                                             Portland State University

Boston University                                                                                            Arizona State University

Binghamton University                                                                                  University of Arizona

Cornell University                                                                                           University of Texas, Austin

Ithaca College                                                                                                  Southern Methodist University

Ohio State University                                                                                     Indiana University

University of Central Florida                                                                        Kansas University

University of Florida                                                                                       University of Wisconsin

University of Rochester                                                                                 University of Minnesota