Faculty Fellowship Program in Israel was a cultural, spiritual and scientific pilgrimage.


Professor Manoj Shukla, Plant Environmental Sciences, New Mexico State University


Interfaith Programing/Higher Learning/Cross-cultural & International Relations/Exclusive Access/Agents of Chnage/Continued Growth

The program focuses on linking non-Jewish scholars from a wide variety of academic disciplines with their Israeli counterparts at Israel’s institutions of higher learning, for the purpose of initiating cross-cultural and international exchanges and the fostering of relationships and collaborations. Highly qualified professors and Deans have participated in the program.


Fellowship participants gain unprecedented access to academic institutions, the government, high level speakers, sites and cultural institutions in Israel.   They return from Israel eager to pursue collaborations with their Israeli colleagues.    In addition, they become change agents to promote and present positive Israel messages throughout their respective campuses and beyond.


The program continues to grow.  We are now taking 25 – 28 professors per trip.  A second trip per year was added in 2017.  Faculty Fellowship professors travel to Israel December/January and May/June of each calendar year.

Rich Immersion

Leadership  Program

Conflict Resolution

Experience Sharing

Khadled Abu Toameh – Journalist

MK Sharren Haskel – Member of Knesset

MK Merav Michaeli – Member of Knesset

Arik Zeevi – Olympic Judo Medalist

Matti Friedman – Journalist

Leor Sinai – Co-Executive Director of Alexander Muss High School

Ram Assad – Druze community member

Lt. Col. (Res.) Tiran Attia – Director Special in Uniform

Adam Ziv & Alaa Sawitat – owners of Buza Ice Cream

Michal Shiloah – Executive Director of Western Galilee Now

Johnny Stern – Vintner, Johnny Stern Boutique Winery

Dr. Eyal Seal – Department Head & Surgeon of Ear, Nose and Throat Dept. at Galilee Medical Center

Professor Mark Talesnik – Advisor of Engineers Without Borders at the Technion

Humberto Yaacov – Director of Matash Wastewater Plant

Professor Gali Einav – Guest Speaker at IDC from School of Entrepreneurship

Ghadir Hani – role of Bedouin women

El Yaniv Barda – Hapoel Beer Sheva Football Club

Rahamim Elazar – Personal account of his journey to Israel

Tamar Gil – EretzIr/Lauder Employment Center

Michal Barak – Executive Director for the Center of the Study of Multiculturalism & Diversity

Former MK Dov Lipman - Yesh Atid Party

Hadas Goldman & Anat Nir – LGBT in Israel

Ilan Regen baum – Lone Soldier

Cathie Granit, David Lehrer, Dr. Tareq Abu Hamed, Suleiman Halassah – Arava Institute of Environmental Studies

Hanni Arnon – Director of Arava International Center for Agricultural Training

Adele Raemer – blogger Kibbutz Nirim

Yedidya Harush – Halutza community representative

Michal Uziyahu – Eschol community member

Ruth Eitan – International Relations at Sapir College

Debbie Rulnick – Soda Stream

Lara Portnoy – Peres Peace Center

NaLaga’at Center – Yonit Tzore

Yaron Neudorfer – Social Finance Israel


We are witnessing innovations for peace.


Professor Eric Smith, Complex Systems Engineering, University of Texas El Paso




Faculty Fellowship Program in Israel was a cultural, spiritual and scientific pilgrimage.


Professor Manoj Shukla, Plant Environmental Sciences, New Mexico State University



Everyone we met in Israel had one thing in common: the desire to help others and live in peace. Israel is a "normal" country, just like many others I have visited.  

Professor Maeli Melotto, Plant Sciences, University of California/Davis



A beautiful and rich immersion into the history, culture, social and physical landscape of Israel that explains the resilience, tenacity and drive toward excellence of her people.

Professor Diane Beckles, Plant Sciences, University of California/Davis



I appreciate the role of Israel in dealing with the greatest challenges of our era: fundamentalism, human rights, and the environment. Israel’s fate will be our fate. 

Professor May O’Keeffe, Health Psychology, Providence College


Dr. Sanjaya, an assistant professor of bio- energy and environmental biotechnology at West Virginia State University, was struck by Israel’s humanitarian assistance regarding replenishing Gaza’s water and electricity supply. “I’ve been impressed by its humanitarian aid – especially when it comes to Gaza. We visited the ‘Gaza Envelope’ [the area bordering the Strip] and saw how it treats Gazan wastewater and provides them with drinking water. If Israel chose not to do that, Gaza’s humanitarian crisis would become even more severe. This has changed my per- spective,” he said. “I’m going to speak about Israel when I get home, and be very vocal about it. This is something everyone and the international media should know about.”

Participating US Universities


Emory University    

Arizona State University      

University of Central Florida  

Liberty University    

California State University, San Marcos  

Ohio State University        

University of Pennsylvania               

Baylor University   

University of Texas, El Paso

University of Texas, Austin

University of Florida

University of Rhode Island

Providence College

University of West Virginia

West Virginia State University

South Dakota State University

St. Ambrose University

University of California, Davis

Stevens Institute of Technology

Vanderbilt University

University of Georgia

University of Southern California

University of Missouri

University of Chicago

DePaul University

Lincoln University

San Jose State University

Illinois University

George Mason University

Oakland University

New Mexico State University