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Many high profile public figures visit Israel and are very impressed with what they have seen. This is a unique opportunity for the high profile guests to invest and support Israel.   It is important that influential personalities such as celebrities and sports figures experience everything that Israel has to offer, so they can share their awe and enlighten their fans, followers and the world with information how Israel makes the world a better place!

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Pau Gasol is the forward for the LA Lakers. Gasol visited Israel for the first time where he led a basketball workshop for both Jewish and Arab children in hopes that it would foster better relationships amid the Israeli’s & Palestinian’s. “Sport is the best way to progress peace,” Gasol told the children. “It doesn’t matter which religion you are. With sports, everyone speaks the same language.”

Lee Schrager the consummate Noshing Nomad traveled across Israel in search of excellent cuisine.  He learns about new places and people through their food.  His trip to Israel was no exception. 


“Mahane Yehuda & the Carmel Market are common denominators of bringing people of all faiths and cultures together,” shared Lee.  “The key to good food is fresh & local ingredients”, says Schrager, which are plentiful in Israel. 

Jordan Farmar visited Israel to promote peace through sports and basketball.  Basketball, and sports in general, have the power to transcend conflict, and are a powerful tool to bring children of all backgrounds together,” said Farmar.  “Bringing them together while they are young and helping them learn to play and communicate with one another can build bridges of understanding for when they are older.” 

This is another chance for Farmar to promote people in the Middle East to work together to build peace through cooperation and development and people-to-people interaction.  Farmar made appearances around the country to Jerusalem and Haifa.

BJ Armstrong and Brent Barry former NBA superstars visited Israel in October of 2013.  They were afforded the opportunity to travel throughout the country to witness the wonderful work taking place in this remarkable Start-Up Nation.  They spoke to Israeli and Palestinian students about what it takes to be a champion. Then they conducted a basketball clinic.  In addition they led a basketball clinic fort Alexander Muss High School in Israel students and Israeli fans. 





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